Unboxing Youth™ Skin Care

Seperti yang saya katakan dalam Best Atau Tidak Jadi Shaklee Leader? saya tidak sabar untuk kenal produk baru YOUTH™ yang baru saja diperkenalkan oleh Shaklee. Penjagaan Kulit Rangkaian Youth™ akan dilancarkan secara rasmi pada bulan March 2018 ini. Tempahan boleh dibuat mulai sekarang untuk mengelakkan kehabisan stok.

Saya kongsikan video Unboxing YOUTH™ Skin Care sempena promosi BLNC yang lalu. Jangan lupa subscribe channel YOUTUBE saya ya? Jumpa lagi dalam posting yang akan datang.


Mau order YOUTH™? Whatsapp 0168128716 sekarang.


About Girllyen

I started blogging since the year 2005. For fun and a place where I could express or let go my act of anger in different form of violence. Well, I'm not good at bad thing though. I found that life has it own purpose, so I go serious on photography by managing a few events, create a great team and enjoying our artsy stuff. Come to Social Media era where smartphones control over the civilization, blogging seems to be one of the ancient days of the internet days. Thanks to Google, we still enjoy doing it and here I am talking about Life, Art and Healthy Living. Not to forget about the joy of travelling and how to earn a living by spreading the goodness of being healthy. Hope you have a very fruitful blog walk here and thank you so much for keep inspiring and supporting my blog. Hugs & Love, Girllyen Marcie

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